Time Lapse Art

Here's a video I made for my digital art students to show them how to edit and combine photos together to make a surreal art scene in Adobe Photoshop.

Custom Guitars

Custom Guitar Painting

I have been painting guitars since I was a teenager. This sketch here is about to happen soon for a new client who wants 2 guitars with full coverage matching Asian dragon designs. I can't wait to get started on this one! Check out my guitar gallery to see finished work. If you're interested in my guitar painting process, visit this page HERE to learn more details.

Chris Squire Shirt

The Great Chris Squire

One of my favorite moments was when I wrote to Chris Squire, bassist of YES, asking if I could meet him after a show. To my surprise, he replied and set up backstage passes. After the show, I wanted to thank him by making him a t-shirt similar to the one he was wearing that night. The design got passed around social media quite a bit and eventually made it's way to the manager of Yes. The band decided to print these and sell them with the profits going to Mayo Clinic in honor of Chris the year he passed away. It was even sold at the Yes merch table along with designs by one of my favorite artists, Roger Dean! RIP Fish.

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Few things make me happier than my pets. If you'd like to get a picture of your favorite furry friend, please contact me for a quote. They are usually about $200 depending on size.

shop art

My Art Shop

Can't afford an original? No worries because all of my art is available here as prints on canvas, wood, metal, posters, stationary, gift cards, t-shirts, phone cases, tapestries, pillows, bags, yoga mats, towels, bedding, mugs, and much more. Check out the store link and contact me if you don't see what you're looking for. My most popular seller is an alien buddha shower curtain?!?! You all have weirder taste than me!

Skateboard Painting

Skateboard Painting

Are you bored with your board? I love to paint skateboards. Please contact me with your custom skateboard ideas. They make a great gift for someone special.

Guitar Clear Coats

I have been doing a lot of artwork on guitars for people and there are always questions about the clear coats. This video will help show the difference between Level 1 (cheaper - easy spray to protect the art) and Level 2 (more expensive - extra sanding, extra spraying, extra buffing for a perfectly smooth finish).